Despite the illegality of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian
land and systematic violation of Palestinian
human rights, the UK is a major arms exporter
to Israel and purchaser of Israeli weapons
and weapon technology. Beyond government
responsibility, a range of private corporations are
also complicit in the arms trade and profit from
Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, including the
UK high street bank HSBC.
In 2011, Palestinian civil society called for an end to the
bilateral trade with Israel in light of its systematic human
rights violations and disregard for international law. This
call has since been supported by numerous human rights
organisations such as Amnesty International, as well as
prominent human rights defenders, notably Archbishop
Desmond Tutu alongside three other Nobel Peace

What you can do
PSC is working with a range of partner organisations
to Stop Arming Israel. The campaign is twofold: first,
it asks the UK government to end its bilateral arms
trade with Israel by implementing a two-way embargo.
Second, the campaign aims to tackle corporate complicity
by calling on HSBC to cut ties with companies trading
weapons or weapon technology with Israel. We need
to increase the pressure on HSBC to sever its ties with
companies that arm Israel’s militarised repression of the
Palestinian people.
Get involved in the Stop Arming Israel campaign by:
n Calling on HSBC to stop profiting from Israel’s
oppression of Palestinians. Email the CEO of HSBC
by taking the e-action: palestinecampaign.iparlsetup.
n Find out more, download and print some useful
campaign material – including the Stop Arming Israel
leaflet, HSBC action cards, and a full report on the
UK-Israel arms trade from:
n Contact us for more information:



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