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PSC led the way in the UK in supporting continuing Palestinian resistance. Here are just some highlights of the incredible work done by our members, supporters and staff in 2018:
-Following the start of The Great Return March by Palestinians in Gaza, which was met with a series of massacres by the Israeli military, PSC mobilised thousands for a series of protests outside the Israeli Embassy and Downing Street and in towns and cities across the UK, calling for an end to the siege and a 2-way arms embargo. 
-We held two major conferences – one on the Right of Return and one on how we move from a system of apartheid to freedom, justice & equality; collectively attended by more than 500 people.
-In September, PSC branches across the UK took coordinated action against HSBC, demanding that the bank ends its investment in companies which arm Israel’s deadly military. 
-In November we had our biggest Parliamentary Lobby Day ever, with nearly 3000 PSC members and supporters getting involved and collectively contacting 600 MPs around the issues of freezing arms sales to Israel and ending the mistreatment of child prisoners in Palestine. 
-November also saw students at over 30 UK universities, supported by PSC, take action on their campuses to protest institutions’ complicity – through investments and partnerships – in Israel’s apartheid regime.
-And just last week, in another huge victory for the BDS movement, we received the incredible news that HSBC has fully divested from Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit systems following a sustained campaign by PSC alongside War on Want and other organisations!

PSC UK led incredible work for Palestinian resistance in 2018

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